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Nordic Breezes on Stage


Un-Magritt Nordseth has worked for several years in the Norwegian Stage Community. After finishing The Oslo National Art School of Norway in 1984, she ran her own dance-theatre company in Norway for more than ten years doing several independent stage productions including collaborations with music festivals (Ultima and Music Factory) and the International Festival of Bergen. In 1998 she started choreographing for the main theatres of Norway with the Black Rider production of Robert Wilson. From then on she has continuously choreographed for the Norwegian Theatre and National Theatre and have done more than ten main stage productions. She was invited to open The Art Museum at Lillehammer (Winter Olympics 93) and she choreographed the official celebration of the turn of the century in Norway 2000. Since 2002 she also worked regularly for The Ibsen Theatre, both as a director and choreographer.
She has also worked with several family productions for the young audience, including …