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Finding his father

Rahad Abir reviews Nathaniel Kahn’s searching documentary about his world-renowned father, Louis I Kahn

Pennsylvania train station in New York City. March 17, 1974. A dead body found in the men’s restroom. Who cares who died? The dead body is sent to the hospital. It remains unidentified for three days. The man had scratched out his home address on his passport. When the man’s identity was discovered, not only the whole of the United States but the whole world was shocked. Because that man was not merely anybody – it was world-renowned architect Louis Isadore Kahn. This is the beginning of the documentary film ‘My Architect: A Son’s Journey’. The incident of Kahn’s death is narrated in the film by showing the place where he died in the station as well as the newspaper cutouts. Kahn’s son Nathaniel made this biographical documentary on Louis Kahn 30 years after his father’s death. But Nathaniel is not simply his son. Officially the public knew that Kahn had no son and only a wife Es…

Being Simple and Faithful

Interview by Rahad Abir

German director, Andrea Erl has directed about 35 plays, most of them for children and youth. Since 1993 she worked in theatre Mummpitz as artistic director and she directed in different municipal theatres (such as Theatre Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Neuss and Berlin) as a freelance director. In the nineties she started also to explore other theatre-cultures. So she went to Italy and France. In the year 2000 she directed in Russia in Nishnij Nowvgorod the play: “Gretchen, Paige 99 following” from Lutz Hübner. Since 2000 she has been the artistic director for the European children theatre-festival “Panoptikum” which takes place every two years in Nürnberg. Since 2002 she is in the board of the ASSITEJ and so she can connect her directing in an international context, also the political work for children-theatre in Germany and Europe. She recently came to Dhaka to direct a theatre workshop on 'Theatre for Children', which took place in November 2008, at the Goeth…