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Shooting Women


In an exclusive interview, writer-filmmaker Alexis Krasilovsky talks to Rahad Abir about her work and the philosophy that guides her life.

You said in a session at the 10th Dhaka International Film Festival that Satyajit Ray's cameraman Subrata Mitra made you interested in becoming a cameraperson. How did that happen?
I grew up in the New York suburbs, where like so many other families, our father left early in the morning for the city, and when we kids went off to school, my mother was left in a big, empty house. As I approached adolescence, I understood her loneliness and isolation, even though I was set on going my own separate way. Satyajit Ray's “Charulata” is the film that made me understand grown women's loneliness: those long, haunting dolly shots of cinematographer Subrata Mitra's, following the wife through the hallways of her empty house allowed me to see the world through her eyes. Meeting Mitra, who had come to New York for a cinematographer's c…

A Strong Voice from Scotland

Interview by
Rahad Abir

Helen Lamb is an award-winning short-story writer and poet. Her first poetry collection, Strange Fish (with Magi Gibson), was published in 1997. Her first short-story collection was published by Polygon in 2001 and in the US by Columbia University Press a year later. Winner of the Scotland on Sunday/Women 2000 short-story prize, Lamb's work has been widely published in literary journals and anthologies. It has appeared in translation and been used on National Poetry Day postcards. Many of her stories have been broadcast on Radio 4.
What is the situation of women writers in Scotland? And how was it 20 years back? Twenty years ago, very few women were getting published. But in the late eighties and early nineties some Scottish publishers, like Polygon, started to promote women's writing. Many of us got our first break in Polygon's Original Prints series and quite a few of those writers are well known poets and novelists now. It has been easier for the wo…