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A tale of little magazines

Rahad Abir studies two instructive works

Bangladeshey Little Magazine Chorcha
Otit O Bartoman
Ed. Mizan Rahman
Dui Banglar Little Magazine Bhabna
Ed. Mizan Rahman

What is a little magazine and why is it there? What is its history and who first brought it out? Before getting into the answers let us first see the definition of little magazines. It goes like this, a periodical, usually not published for profit, prints reviews, essays, fiction, or poetry or more usually some combination of them, supposedly devoted to high literary standards. Little magazines often run innovative or experimental works. A few little magazines pay for contributions, many do not. Some are widely influential, but others are virtually unknown except to the editors and contributors. Little magazines may be very helpful to a new writer who is selective in sending submissions.

The publicity and expansion of little magazines began mainly at the turn of the twentieth century. Bu…