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Filming the Evils of Globalisation


by Rahad Abir

Ric Wasserman a filmmaker from New York was a guest speaker at the Dhaka Talent Campus part of 10th Dhaka Film Festival held on January 2008 and spoke about his recent documentary 'Back to the Village'. This 26-minute documentary highlights the plight of millions of South Indian villagers who are struggling to survive, being forced to move to the urban centres in search of work. 'Back to the Village' follows the lives of people in three South Indian villages near Bangalore. Their stories reveal the dark side of the effects of globalisation, where to survive villagers must fight back, capitalisation on their own initiatives to be able to remain in their villages. In an interview for SWM, Wasserman talks about the harsh realities depicted in his film.

How did you get the idea of making 'Back to the Village'?
I met Dr. T. Scarlett Epstein who is a renowned Oxford anthropologist researching for 40 years in southern India. She told me that I migh…

A Shirshendu Mukhopaddhay Evening

Rahad Abir

ALL the chairs were filled up. A full audience remained enchanted as Shirshendu Mukhopaddhay, the eminent Indian-Bangla writer spoke on various topics. Manavjamin, Durbin, Partiv, Parapar, Jao Pakhi and so many famous books have been written by this eminent writer of Kolkata. Shirshendu Mukhopaddhay came to Bangladesh on 27 March, after long 10 years. Last Saturday on 29 March in Paribagh at Smankskriti Bikash Kendro a Shirshendu Mukhopaddhay evening was organized by some of his admirers. This was an informal programme, divided into two parts-conversation with Shirshendu Mukhopaddhay and a cultural part. At the beginning of the programme noted litterateur Imdadul Hoque Milon named it 'a Shirshendu Mukhopaddhay evening'. Then he talked about Shirshendu Mukhopaddhay's birth, growing up as well as the beginning of his literary career. Shirshendu Mukhopaddhay's ancestors lived in Bikrompur but he was born in Mymensingh on 2 November 1935, and lived there up to ag…